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First Win in the A-Mod

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Murray Co. 7/27/07

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Kenny Wallace & Don Park Jefferson USMTS

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USMTS at Rapid Speedway








Huset's Speedway 9/22 2 dns A NA NA Cheaters Day. Started the heat in 2nd. Lost oil pressure pulling into pit stall. Did not start the feature. Bummer!
Nobles Co Speedway 9/15 3 6 NA NA NA Turkey Day Special. Started the Feature in 5th
Nobles Co Speedway 9/9 2 5 A   4 rained out, made up 1st feature 9/15
Deer Creek Speedway 9/8 12 10 B NA NA Started the feature in 16th. Ended the Jamboree with no damage, just 1 bent rim on Thursday nite- straightened it and raced it the rest of the nights. 
Deer Creek Speedway 9/7 8 12 B NA NA Started the feature in 9th. 
Deer Creek Speedway 9/6 12 9 B NA NA DNF in the heat had a flat. Started the feature in 16th. 112 A- Mods racing.
Nobles Co Speedway 9/02 1 6 A 4th Started the Feature in 5th
Murray Co Speedway 9/01 3 9th A 6th Season Championship. DNF, was running in 3rd and mud pushed in the mud plug causing a major vibration.
Murray Co Speedway 8/31 3 9th A DNF had a flat tire
Nobles Co Speedway 8/26 4 8 A 4th Started the feature in 6th. 
Murray Co Speedway 8/24 2 10 A 7th Started the feature in 4th, had a flat.
Murray Co Speedway 8/17 2 8 A 7th Started the feature in 11th
Nobles Co Speedway 8/12 10 A 4th Had a tire cut down in the heat when he checked up for a wreck and got hit, started the feature in last avoided lots of wrecks, got hit under caution (on purpose?) and got shoved into the wall.
Noble Co Speedway 8/05 4 6 A Started the feature in  5th. Checked up for a spin in front of him, got hit from behind, tearing off the RH body and cuttung a tire, restarted in 13th. Rough track!
Murray Co Speedway 8/03 3 10 A Started the feature in 10th.
Nobles Co Speedway 7/29 11 A DNF in the heat, started the feature in 12th 
Murray Co Speedway 7/27 1 1 A First win in the A-Mod. Started the feature in 9th.
Nobles Co Speedway 7/22 7 A  
Murray Co Speedway 7/20 1 2 A 788 6 Started the feature in 2nd. Fuel pickup tube broke off sometime during the race.
Nobles Co Speedway 7/15 5 5 A Setup wasn't good, spun out and had to restart in the rear and came back up to 5th.
Murray Co Speedway 7/13 1 2 A 693 7 Won the heat, his best race yet! Went back and forth for the lead several times. Got hit in the helmet with a chunk of mud, turned his helmet sideways giving him a bloody nose & still finished great!
Nobles Co Speedway 7/8 4 4 A 1069 5 Started the Feature in 5th
Murray Co Speedway 7/6 NA 6 A 598 7 Got new motor in. Started the feature in 11th.
Murray Co Speedway 7/3 8 DNS A 9th Lost oil pressure in heat and pulled in. DNF
Nobles Co Speedway 7/1 7 16 A NA NA Got wrecked in Trophy dash. Did not start the feature
Nobles Co Speedway 6/30 NA NA Worthington Nationals qualifying. 
Murray Co Speedway 6/29 1 11 A 457 9th Won his first Heat race! Was on his way to leading and got a tire cut down. DNF
Nobles Co Speedway 6/23/07 5 16 A 255 55 USMTS race. Started the feature in 5. Started the B feature in 4th, finished 3.  Started the A feature in 19th.
Rapid Speedway 6/22/07 2 17 A NA NA USMTS race.  Started the heat in 2nd, led several laps, had a broken brake rotor at the end of the heat. Made it directly in to the A Main, got to redraw and started in 4th. Had overheating problems.
Husets Speedway 6/20/07 4 6 B NA NA USMTS race. Started the heat in 5th, beside Schrader again!  Started the feature in 4th.  needed to pass 1 more car to get in to the A Main 
Park Jefferson 6/19/07 7 17 B NA NA 2nd USMTS race. Started the heat in 6th, beside Kenny Schrader! Had a flat in the B Feature, restarted 2 laps down.
Nobles Co Speedway 6/17/07 4 6 A 5 Started the feature in 6th.
Murray Co Speedway 6/15/07 6 9 A 387 7 Started the feature in 12th.  Very dusty, couldn't see coming out of turn 2.
Nobles Co Speedway 6/10/07 6 10 A 658 4 DNF. Broke rear end mount.
Murray Co Speedway 6/08/07 4 5 A ? 5 Got the new 4 bar setup installed.  Started the feature in 4th.
Nobles Co Speedway 5/27/07 3 2 A ? 4 Started the feature in 5th. Lots of restarts. Race got called for the time limit.
Murray Co Speedway 5/25/07 5 13 B ? 5 1st USMTS race. Started the heat in 8th. Moved up to 3-4 before losing power steering and finished 5th.  Qualified for the B Main in 4th.  In our rush to replace the power steering pump we didn't get something right and he lost the belt after a few laps. (The belt also runs the fuel pump.)
Nobles Co Speedway 5/20/07 6 5 A 324 5 Broke a shock in the heat. Started the feature in 11th.  Best finish yet!
Murray Co Speedway 5/18/07 4 8 A 154 6 Started the Feature in 7th. 
Nobles Co Speedway 05/13/07 ? 7 A 156 7 Got the car running much better.  Started the feature on the pole, fell way back and climbed back up. 
Murray Co Speedway 05/11/07 NA 7 A  78  7 Didn't get running in time for the heat. Started the feature in 16th. Car wasn't running right and lost rear brakes.  Not bad for the first time in a mod! 

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