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Nobles Co Speedway 5/18 7 11 70  14 Finished getting the body on right before the race. Had several mechanical bugs to work out. Also need to get used to the new chassis.
Nobles Co Speedway 5/25 4 1 170 11 First win ever at Nobles County. Started on the pole. Felt good after struggling at this track all year last season.
Murray County Speedway 5/30 4 11 70 11 Lost power steering in the heat, got the power steering pump and steering sector replaced. Started the feature in 10th made his way up to 3rd when he caught a rut that took the bead off the rim so he had a DNF. He was thrilled with how the car handled.
Nobles Co Speedway 6/1 1 8 246 11 Won his heat. Started the feature in 7th. Got spun out late in the race. Lots and lots of wrecks and restarts. Felt relieved the came home in one piece.
I-90 Speedway 6/12 6 7 NA NA Started the feature in 13th. Not too bad for the 3rd time at this track.
Murray County Speedway 6/13 2 3 161 6 Led the heat, had the right rear blow out 1/2 lap before the finish and held on to 2nd. Started the feature in 8th.
Nobles Co Speedway 6/15 8 5 330 11 DNF in the heat after a tie rod broke and had no steering (good save!).  Started the feature in 14th. 
Park Jefferson 6/18 4 15 NA NA Our 1st USMTS race of the year. Started the heat in 4th and finished 4th. Right before the B-Main, Don decided he wanted a little more gas in the car and evidently the cap didn't get put on good and must have rattled off, at the start (he was on the pole) gas spewed out, they pulled a caution and luckily they found the cap and it was replaced but he had to restart in the back, he managed to finish 4th. He started the feature in 20th right beside Ken Schrader. 
Murray County Speedway 6/20 3 1 261 1 Started the feature in 2nd. There were several cautions and during them we could hear the announcer telling the crowd that Reisch (who was in second) was going to win and how he has been doing so great this year. During the caution at 6 laps to go the pit official came over by us and said we had at least one fan, the other officials were all figuring Reisch would win also, but he said not to count out Don yet. He surprised a lot of people! 
Nobles Co Speedway 6/22 6 14 394 10 DNF in the heat, popped the bead off a tire in a rut again! Started the heat in 14th. Was making his way up thru the field until he nudged into a 4 car wreck-1st red flag. One car ended up on another. Should have been our sign! 

One lap after the restart a guy further up front spun a guy out which shouldn't have been too bad but the 98 who was following us didn't lift at all, passed the 9 car ahead of us, Then the 9 got tagged flipping him over the 98, which still wouldn't have been too bad, BUT the guy behind him now didn't lift either and slammed into Don so hard his back end of the car lifted into the air 5' on impact.  Can't get the car fixed until next week when they can get it in to put a front clip on it. 

Deer Creek Speedway 7/9 9 8 NA NA Since we missed so many weeks waiting for the car to be repaired we decided to check out the Gopher 50 for a fun change.  The mods weren't allowed any hot lops so Don had to do some guessing for setup. Started the heat in 2nd. Unfortunately he lost fuel pressure when they went green so the car didn't go. He pulled in and we found the fuel inlet plugged with a large piece of silicone  and inside the filter log several smaller pieces. (Solved that problem and figured this is what has caused his intermittent problem with the car not running quite right.) Had to start the B Feature in 13th. Without any time on the track, he had the wrong gears and setup.  One big consolation for not making the A was they had a couple of huge pile ups  wrecking 6-8 cars. Only 13 cars finished out of 24 starting. 
Murray County Speedway 7/11 6 5 DNF in the heat, car died and wouldn't re-fire, the coil was bad. Started the feature in 12th. Not a bad night since the top 4 cars started way up front.
Noble Co Speedway 7/13 2 5 15 Started the heat in 7th. Only 2 cars crossed the finish line. 1st lap crash took out most of the front rows. Started the feature in 6th. Managed to miss all the wrecks.
Murray County Speedway 7/18 3 2 Started the heat in 6th. Started the feature in 5th. came in second behind Krohn who started on the front row. Track was fast, they were lapping a good share of the field. When Don came to the last corner a huge puff of smoke came out, it appears to be he lost the head gasket. So far we can't see any other damage but we're not done with it yet.. 
Murray County Speedway 8/1 5 10 Another DNF, the fitting bringing fuel to the fuel pump broke off.
Noble Co Speedway 8/10 1 10 15 Won the heat after starting last. DNF in the feature car was overheating.
Murray County Speedway 8/15 5 5 Started the feature in 10th.
Noble Co Speedway 8/17 1 2 Started the feature in 1st. He thought the track was going to dry off more before the race, so the setup wasn't good at the start. Fell back to 4th and got back up to 2nd.
Murray County Speedway 8/22 3 2 Started the heat in 6th. Started the feature in 7th. Don was very happy with how the car handle early in the race when he made up most of the places until he got hit. 
Noble Co Speedway 8/24 1 1 Started the feature in 2nd. Had a very hard fought race. The guy behind him tried several times to do the old bump and run. At one point his rear quarter panel was torn loose and flopping by the tire, luckily it was wrapped behind not rubbing on the tire. 
Murray County Speedway 8/29 1 14 Won his heat after starting 7th. Was in the lead by several car lengths. A caution came out 6 laps to go, battled several laps with the 9 car. On the last lap Don spun out to avoid the other car from driving over his front end and must have pulled the bead off a tire. Very frustrating race!
Murray County Speedway 8/30 3 3 Started the feature in 9th. Lots of cautions . It was a one lane track, and the 2nd place car held him up but short of moving him out of the way (which isn't Don's style). Don couldn't get by him. 
Noble Co Speedway 8/31 3 9 Started the heat in 4th. He moved up to third and tried to pass for 2nd place that driver tried driving over Don's front end, while he was getting himself straighten from that the guy behind him started slamming into his car to take 3rd place. By this time Don was HOT! Luckily that guy lost his hood and was sent to the back for bringing out a caution and got pissed off about that and left the track (this was the same guy Don drove so cleanly last night and let him finish in 2nd).

Don started the feature in  4th.  The guy behind him # 52 (a traveler) got into him cutting down Don's tire, causing a 4 car pileup.  Don and the 52 car both changed tires and restarted in the rear.  Don had made up several spots when the J bar broke (a main part of the rear suspension) causing the rear axle to move out of place. The 52 car when on to make friends !?! with several of the other drivers,  I'm sure his local guys were glad to see him missing!

After this weekend I am glad to see the season almost finished. I am appalled at the lack of sportsmanship there is in racing these days and unfortunately it seems a lot of tracks have the same issue.


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