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Murray county Speedway 5/23/09

1st win in 2009

5th win in A-mods

32nd career win

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# 33 Murray County Speedway 7/10/09

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#34 Murray County Speedway 7/17/09

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#35 Murray County Speedway 8/7/09

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BVR USMTS 6/04/09

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Gopher 50 7/8/09

2009 Stats







Nobles Co Speedway 5/3 4 174 Started 7th, finished 4th. 
Nobles Co Speedway 5/10 11 157 5 Got to the races late after putting on the new body & graphics, started his feature in last place, was moving up through the field until the motor blew up.
Murray County Speedway 5/22 14 64 Got to the races late after getting the motor together & in. Started the feature last, was moving up through the field until the front tire flew off. In the rush to get the motor in, the lugnuts didn't get tightened.
Murray County Speedway 5/23 1 148 10 Started the feature on the pole and checked out early. 
Nobles Co Speedway 5/23 2 504 Started the feature in 4th. It was a pretty good weekend!
Murray County Speedway 5/29 2 243 Started the feature in 3rd. Grabbed the lead before the 1st corner and checked out. On the inside of the track they have several large tractor tires to keep cars out of the infield. Unfortunately he got too low and brushed against 1 tire and it sent him into another head on.  He quickly straightened out and went back on the track in time to be passed by 3 cars. He managed to pass back 2 of the cars, but his car was not handling good enough to get back to the lead and had to settle for 2nd.
Nobles Co Speedway 5/31 3 343 Started the feature in 3rd, led briefly. Extremely dry, slippery track.
BVR USMTS 6/4 19 NA NA Started the feature in 17 broke after 6 laps.
Murray County Speedway USMTS 6/5 13 309 9 Started the heat in 6th, finished 6th. Got a provisional for the A feature, started in 22nd, finished in 13th, his best ever finish for a USMTS race. 
Murray County Speedway 6/12 16 9 DNF, lost another motor
Huset's Speedway 6/18 DNS NA NA Got the motor in today. Broke a driveshaft in the heat race.
Murray County Speedway 6/19 2 9 Started the feature in 2nd, Led briefly was passed after a caution.  Another top 4 finish.
Murray County Speedway 6/26 2 544 9 Started the feature in 2nd, led briefly. Another good night.
Nobles Co Speedway 6/28 3 Started the feature in 7th. Another decent night.
Nobles Co Speedway 7/5 7 Had a tire cut down in the heat. Started the feature in 7th.
Deer Creek Speedway 7/8 23 NA NA Gopher 50. Finished the heat in 4th. The first time ever to make the A here. Started the feature in 13 got a flat when someone got into him and a 2nd flat by the time we got to the pits
Murray Co Speedway 7/10 1 Won his heat. Won the feature afer starting in 8th.  
Deer Creek Speedway 7/11 14 NA NA DNF in the heat. Started the feature in 24th. First time he finished the A feature.
Nobles Co Speedway 7/12 2 Started the feature in 5th.  Another good weekend.
Murray Co Speedway 7/17 1 Started the feature in 7th. Had a great race with the 19 car (he started 3rd), passed him on the last lap. A very special win since the "fast guys" started in front of him!
Deer Creek Speedway 7/18 DNF NA NA Found a crack in the block. 
Murray Co Speedway 7/24 9 Started the feature in 8th. DNF after hitting a tractor tire that someone had pushed onto the track. 
Nobles Co Speedway 7/26 15 691 7th USMTS. Started the B feature in 7th, got up to 3rd, got spun out and restarted in the back, made it back up to 6th. Started the A in 22nd, got up to 15th with no power steering. 
Murray Co Speedway 7/31 12 Started the feature in 8th, was passing for 3rd when the front tire got knocked off the bead, so another DNF.
Nobles Co Speedway 8/2 5 Started the feature in 6th.  
Murray Co Speedway 8/7 1 Started the feature in 5th. Another great night!
Nobles Co Speedway 8/16 9 Started the feature in 4th. Ran most of the feature in 3rd place, tried to pass into 2nd place for several laps but kept getting blocked, was pushed up into to the front stretch wall and finally spun.  Very unhappy with this driver who we considered a friend and even more so with the track officials, but  they seem to like "excitment" and they certainly have their favorites. Thank goodness for the heads up driving behind him that they all managed to miss him. 
Murray Co Speedway 8/21 2 1081 6 Started the feature in 5th. The was some wild driving but Don managed to miss most of it, just had to remove a few new wrinkles in the tin!
Deer Creek Speedway 8/22 14 NA NA Started the feature in 24th. Need to get better at qualifiying here!
Nobles Co Speedway 8/23 2 Started the feature in 2nd. Another solid finish.
Murray Co Speedway 8/28 10 6 DNF, lost another motor, found a crack in the block again.
Nobles Co Speedway 9/13 4 We got another motor together Sunday afternoon. Started the feature in 5th. 

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