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2010 Murray County Speedway A Modified Champion


2010 Nobles County Speedway A Modified Champion


What an unbelievable year! We have been truly blessed.

32 regular weekly races in 2010 - all top 10 finishes!

8 - Wins

11 - 2nds

4 - 3rds

7 - 4ths

1 - 5th

1 DNF on the last lap for a 9th place finish.

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Murray County Speedway  8/28

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Nobles County Speedway  8/15

(Makeup Feature from 8/8)

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Murray County Speedway 7/23

7.16.10  slayton win a-mod.gif (83305 bytes)

40th Career Win!

Murray County Speedway 7/16


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Noble County Speedway 7/11/10

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Noble County Speedway 7/4/10

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Murray County Speedway 6/18


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(click on picture to enlarge)

Nobles County Speedway 5/02/10

1st win in 2010

36th career win


Our pit dog

Captain our pit dog

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Alta 6/16

2010 Stats







Murray County Speedway 4/30 2  95 2 Started the feature in 6th. With the rain track was rough.
Nobles Co Speedway 5/2  1 100 1 Started the feature in 3rd. Great way to start the season!
Nobles Co Speedway 5/8 2 195 1 Started the feature in 3rd. Another good night!
Murray County Speedway 5/14 2 190 1 Started the feature in 2nd. Had a great race for the lead, just couldn't quite get it done!
Nobles Co Speedway 5/16 4 282 1 Started the feature in 5th. Was in 3rd and spun out. Restarted in the back made it back up to 4th. Need a caution to catch up the front guys. Worst finish of the year locally.
Murray County Speedway 5/21 5 274 1 Started the feature in 9th. Finished in 5th. Track was pretty much one lane.
Nobles Co Speedway 5/23 4 369 tied 1st Won his heat after starting 5th. Started the feature in 5th, finished 4th. 
Murray County Speedway 5/28 9 348 2 Spent the past week refreshing the motor after finding a bearing badly flaking. Got 3rd in his heat, started the feature in 11th. He was quickly making his way to the front, got t 2nd when a caution came out.  On the restart he went in the 1st corner a little too hard and had to check up and got hit from behind, turned sideways and got piled into by several cars. First DNF of the season.
Murray County Speedway 5/29 4 435 3 Got to the track late, missed his heat and started 11th in the feature. Shortly after an early caution, when all the cars were still bunched up the 2nd place car got turned collecting all the cars behind him, Don had managed to stop just short of the wreckage but a car behind him piled into him and pushed him into the wreck.  Only 6 cars were able to continue to race,  Don managed to finish 4th with the tires toed way out and no front brakes. Finished off another set of bumpers on the car.
Nobles Co Speedway 5/30 3 460 1 Finished 3rd in his heat, started the feature in 6th. The track was very dry and dusty. Finished the feature in 3rd. 
Murray County Speedway 6/4 3 532 1 Won the heat, started the feature in 5th. Had a good solid run.  I believe we moved back into 1st in the points.
Nobles Co Speedway 6/6 2 555 1 Got 2nd in the heat, started the feature in 3rd led briefly, had to settle for 2nd. A good weekend overall.
BVR USMTS 6/16 21 NA NA We were happy to qualify for the A Feature out of 40+ cars. Had a flat tire when he came in from his heat and still managed to finish 5th, got 5th in the B Feature and 21 in the A after starting 22nd. 
Husets USMTS 6/17 8 NA NA Don started the heat in 7th and finished 4th, won his B Feature. Don started the A in 13th. A couple of cars ahead of him got together and Bud got into them knocking the tire off the bead so he had to come in for a tire change and restarted in the back. At that point I figured we would end up back there since most of the cars were all running at the bottom of the track.  Bud ended up going high and slowly started passing cars. The longer the race ran the faster he was. Unfortunately a yellow flag came out when he was just passing 3 cars, so he restarted in 8th &  ended up finishing there  which is by far his best finish in one the Touring Series races. Had a lot of fun talking to some the guys we regularly saw when we raced there. Don always did love racing at Husets!
Murray County Speedway 6/18 1 626 1 Don got his first win of the season @ Slayton. Thank you Croplan Genetics for sponsoring the race - they seem to bring us good luck. This was the 3rd time in the last few years  we've won, when they sponsored the race!
Nobles Co Speedway 6/20 4 642 1 A solid 4th place finish for  a good week racing.
Murray County Speedway 6/25 2 721 1 Started the feature in 7th after an extensive rain delay. Finished 2nd after a good race with the 10 car.  This was the only race for the weekend with all the rain.
Murray County Speedway 7/2 2 816 1 Started the feature in 7th & avoided several crashes. Finished 2nd in a very close finish with Kracht. Found several fouled plugs so it's no wonder it wasn't running as good as it should have been. Don continues to lead in the points, 
Nobles Co Speedway 7/4 1 742 1 Got wrecked in the heat, started the feature in 6th. A wonderful end to a night that started bad.  Don continues to lead the points at Nobles County and as of 6/25 moved into 4th in the  National USRA A Modified division.
Murray County Speedway 7/9 2 911 1 Started the feature in 7th. Finished 2nd. Don wished he had a few more laps, he was catching the leader but ran out of time.
Nobles Co Speedway 7/11 1 842 1 Started the feature in 4th, the leader broke right in front of Don, they got together so we had to restart in the rear after a tire change. Don made his way back up through the field and shortly after he got into 2nd, that leader broke so Don  was handed the lead.  Luckily he didn't break also and came home with the win!
Murray County Speedway 7/16 1 1011 1 Started the feature in 4th, Jumped to the lead early and checked out. This was Don's 40th career win! Don also continues to lead in the points. 
Nobles Co Speedway 7/18 4 929 1 Started the feature in 7th. Managed to finish 4th after misjudging the track conditions and missed the setup. 
Murray County Speedway 7/23 1 1111 1 Started the feature in 7th.  Another great finish.
Nobles Co Speedway 7/25 4 1016 1 Started the feature in 7th. Setup wasn't good enough, very much a 1 lane track.
Park Jefferson USMTS 7/27 22 NA NA After a very unlucky draw for starting position he was supposed to  start the heat in 8th but 3 cars didn't make the start so he started in 5th  and finished 4th. started his B Feature on the pole and finished 4th.  He started the A Main in 19th. Early in the race someone got into his rear tire causing a slow leak and on lap 21 it shredded.
Murray County Speedway 7/30 2 1206 1 Had a super night pitted beside Ken Schrader, we got to spend alot of time talking with him! 

Don won his heat. In the feature Don got up to 2nd and was rapidly gaining on the leader and suddenly started falling back in the final laps. At the scale the car died and wouldn't refire. We found the pickup tube in the fuel tank broken off. Luckily it didn't happen sooner. 

Nobles Co Speedway USMTS 8/1 15 NA NA Had a very poor draw again. Started the heat in 8th. Finshed the B feature in 3rd. Started the feature ion 19. Early in the race Don needed to check up for the car ahead of him, unfortunately the car behind him got onto his rear cutting his brake line. 
Murray County Speedway USMTS 8/6 12 NA NA After another poor draw Don started the heat in 8th and finished 7th.  He finished the B feature in 3rd. He started the feature in 15. 
Murray County Speedway 8/13 2 1376 1 Don started the feature in 6th. On the last lap in the right before the checkered flag he managed to pass for 2nd. It was a very good race for the top 3.
Deer Creek Speedway 8/14 20 NA NA Don finished his heat in 2nd, had a vibration in the feature and pulled in - found a loose wheel.
Nobles Co Speedway 8/15 1 1116 1 Makeup Feature from 8/8. Don started the feature in 2nd place. After an early battle with the 10 car  he managed to break away and get the win. 
Nobles Co Speedway 8/15 2 1211 1 Started the feature in 4th. Had a very tough race with lots of extra cars on a very dry track. Ended up with a 2nd place but we had a great weekend racing against some very tough competitors and built on the points.
Murray County Speedway 8/20 2 1351 1 Changed motors and found a part we were planning on reusing bad. Had to next day air it to get it Thursday and it didn't come until late Friday. Got to the races late. Engine was smoking and we spent extra time to make sure is was only an oil leak and was safe to race. Don started in the back and finished 2nd.  
Nobles Co Speedway 8/22 3 1443 1 Don finished his heat in 3rd. Started the feature in 4th, ran in 2nd place most of the race until he ran out of tear offs on his helmet and couldn't see well enough. 
Murray County Speedway 8/27 1 1451 1 We won both the heat and feature a great ending to the season at Murray County. It is now official  -  Don is the A-Modified Track Champion!. 
Nobles Co Speedway 8/28 2 NA 1 Qualifying night for Worthington Nationals. Started the heat in 3rd, finshed 2nd. Started the feature in 4th and finished 2nd.
Nobles Co Speedway 8/29 4 NA 1 Started the feature in 2nd. For the first time ths year they ran the mini sprints right before the A Mod. That class was running along the bottom of the track throwing dirt up to the top. Since Don was starting 2nd - at the top of the track- he had to run in the loose dirt and immediately lost several spots on the start.
Nobles Co Speedway 9/5 3 1625 1 Finished his heat in 3rd. Started the feature in 2nd and led briefly. After a caution a car jumped the restart, since Don was expecting that they would restart the race  he didn't go, by the time he recongnized that they were going to allow the start he had been passed by 2 cars. He never managed to make up thise spots and finished 3rd. We are still leading in the points with one more race to go.
Nobles Co Speedway 9/12 4 1712 1 Don started his heat in 6th, finished 4. Since it was championship night he started the feature on the pole, fell to 2nd right away after a slide job. During a restart  another coution came out and  the leader stopped so abruptly Don got into him causing a flat tire and broken front brake line. Don had to restart in the rear.  He was working his way back up through the field when he got spun out. He managed to finish 4th. Was there a full moon? This was one of the roughest nights of racing I've seen this year. Not near enough respect for either their equipment or fellow drivers!  It is now official  -  Don is the A-Modified Track Champion at Nobles County! Even more importantly, as the mom I am so proud of how he got it - by racing people cleanly, the way he expects to be raced.

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