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Celebrating 10 years of Racing 

(Paint scheme matches Don's Hobby Stock from 2002)

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1st Win of the Season 7/3/11

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At McCool Junction 6/4/11 after wrecking the night before

(click on picture to enlarge)

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At Deer Creek Speedway 5/28/11


Our pit dog

Captain our pit dog

2011 Stats







Nobles County Speedway 7/2 1 511 2 Won his heat and won the Feature!  First win of the season. Finally getting this new car figured out.
Deer Creek Speedway 7/2 17 NA NA Started last in the heat and finished 5th. Started the feature in 20th. 
Nobles County Speedway 6/26 2 411 3 Feature got rained out, will make it up next week. Got wrecked when they started the feature in the rain. Make up feature finished 2nd.
Rapid Speedway USMTS 6/24 13 NA NA Missed the setup in the heat, started 8th finished 7th.  Finished the B Feature in 2nd. Started the A in 18th. Was moving up through the field rapidly, was up to 10th on lap 7. Shortly after that restart he got hit in the rear hard enough to move the spoiler up several inches causing it to  handle poorly.  
Nobles County Speedway 6/19 4 316 3 Won his heat, started the feature on the pole, fell to 2nd right way since the outside was the fast lane. Don was in the process of passing for the lead when the leader nearly lost control and came down to the bottom of the track into Don. ( I made sure to review my video &  it was very  clear.) A yellow came out for a restart since the 07 had a flat.  They blamed Don for the caution and he had to restart in the rear. His mud plug had gotten pushed in and the wheel was filling with mud causing a vibration so he ended up finishing in the back. We are NOT happy campers!
Nobles County Speedway USMTS 6/12 15 229 3 Don managed to qualify directly into the A Main, Staarting 17th. We felt pretty good after the problems we had been having!
Husets Speedway USMTS 6/11 16 NA NA More electrical issues during heat and B feature. Got it fixed for the A Feature but had suspension problems during it so we had another DNF.
Nobles County Speedway 6/5 5 154 5 Found and fixed wiring issues after the make up feature.
McCool Junction, NE USMTS 6/8 B-10 NA NA DNF in both the heat and the Feature with wiring issues- lost ground so engine wouldn't run right
McCool Junction, NE USMTS 6/7 21 NA NA Was involved in a 10 car wreck on lap 21
Nobles County Speedway 5/29 11 70 11 Rained out features, made up 6/9. Had a DNF for wiring issues. 
Deer Creek Speedway USMTS 5/28 B-14 NA NA First race of the season in a new car. 

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