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Don Jr. was 16 years old when he started his racing career on May 24, 2002 at Rapid Speedway.  He has earned the money and has done most of the work on the car himself with some help from friends, his dad and brother-in-law Kevin.

Don has never done any type of racing before, unless you count the hours spent on computer racing games and racing online.

On the third night at Rapid Speedway Don finished a feature ( finally got the bugs worked out in the fuel system).

In his 4th night at Rapid Speedway (6th race ever) he won his first race!  Making him the youngest A Feature winner at the speedway. His second win came at Huset's Speedway in his 5th time there (11th race over all). His 3rd win of the season was at Rapid Speedway on August 2, 2002. On August 23 he had a clean sweep, winning both his heat and the feature!

The year ended poorly with lots of mechanical problems.

Finished in 6th in National NMRA points

Finished in 6th place at Huset's Speedway

Finished in 10th pace at Rapid Speedway

First win June 14, 2002 

Rapid Speedway


2nd Win 6/30/02

Huset's Speedway


Don's Senior Pictures


Win at Rapid Speedway 8/8/03


rc04-2.jpg (28683 bytes)rc04-3.jpg (25444 bytes)

race_win_mad_04.jpg (59371 bytes)

Win  7/10/04 Lake County Speedway

win81304.jpg (46448 bytes)

Win 8/13/04 at Rapid Speedway

win9404.jpg (49443 bytes)

Win 9/4/04 Lake County Speedway


5 - Wins

9 - 2nd Place Finishes

32 - Top 5 Finishes

48 - Top 10 Finishes

All these shows with a 1 man pit crew - Dad!

4th in NMRA National Points

3rd at Rapids Speedway

4th at Lake County

7th at Husets Speedwa

Don had the Highest year end point standing 

of any Rookie in NMRA and at all three tracks he competed at.

He had 2 wins at Husets Speedway and was the only Rookie to win there!


13 - Wins

9 - 2nd Place Finishes

31 - Top 5 Finishes

46 - Top 10 Finishes

in 50 Races


3rd at Husets Speedway

3rd at Lake County

4th at Rapid Speedway

8 Wins at Huset's Speedway

3 Wins at Lake County Speedway

2 Wins at Rapid Speedway

27 Career Wins in 5 Years

madwin5606.jpg (62686 bytes)

050706-ss.jpg (33147 bytes)

052906-ss.jpeg (29463 bytes)

Lake County Speedway 5/6/06

Huset's Speedway 5/7/06

Huset's Speedway 5/29/06

062506-ss.jpeg (28283 bytes)

7406husetswin.jpg (49764 bytes)

rocky win 7706.jpg (41517 bytes)

Huset's Speedway 6/25/06

Huset's Speedway 7/04/06

Rapid Speedway 7/07/06

072306-ss.jpeg (31714 bytes)

mad72906.jpg (81656 bytes)

081306-ss.jpeg (27976 bytes)

Huset's Speedway 7/23/06

Lake County Speedway 7/29/06

Huset's Speedway 8/13/06

rocky win 81906.jpg (62180 bytes)

madison81906.jpg (61646 bytes)

082706-ss.jpeg (28177 bytes)

Rapid Speedway 8/18/06

Lake County Speedway 8/19/06

Huset's Speedway 8/27/06

husets90306.jpg (113925 bytes)

Huset's Speedway 9/03/06

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