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2016 Jackson Motorplex A Modified Champion

2010 Murray County Speedway A Modified Champion and 

2010 Nobles County Speedway A Modified Champion


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2017 Stats





Murray County 5/12 10 Start the heat in 2nd and won by several car lengths. When heading out for the feature a bolt fell out of the shock mount and luckily was able to replace in time to start the feature in 3rd. The track was one lane on the bottom - Don was running 2nd in a pack of 4 cars when the leader nearly stopped in corner 2 casing a multi-car pileup, The leader couldn't restart, we had to start in the rear but the cars behind him got to keep their positions. Got scored for 10th though the race video shows he finished 9th. Not sure if they had problems with their fist race with transponders but not real happy with the officiating. Car was awesome!
.Fairmont Speedway 5/6 8 Started the heat in 6th, got to 4th and made redraw for the feature. Started the feature in 7th. Fell back to 12th after a restart but got back up to 8th. Best ever fun @ Fairmont. so far very happy with the new car.
Jackson Motorplex 5/5 11 Started the feature in 10th with a brand new car. Fell to the back when there was no visibility going into 1st corner & didn't want to risk it when he wasn't sure of the car. Lot's of cautions and wrecking in the first 3 laps so he was glad to out of trouble.  Need to get used to how it drives since it is so different from the old one. After the race found the J bar had come loose and brake fluid was leaking.



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